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Change Or Be Changed
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Change or be Changed tackles the silent struggle of entrepreneurs and leaders: How to keep up with your company as it grows and how not to get fired.

Company changes drives role changes, which means everyone from the founder to the board must change. What used to work will no longer work. Unlearning is the key.


What readers are saying

Survival to Thrival is the real world of B2B entrepreneurship. Every entrepreneur should read it.
- Neil Patel Co-Founder, Crazy Egg; Co-Founder, KissMetrics; King of Online Marketing
What drives success at one stage often drives failure at the next. Change or be Changed is a must-read for startups and boards everywhere who want to learn - and unlearn.
- Martin Giles, San Francisco Bureau Chief, MIT Technology Review

Change or be changed

Each Leader Has Three Very Different Roles To Learn And Unlearn:

Media Coverage

  • Founder to CEO podcast

    Co-author Bob Tinker speaks to podcast host Todd about the book and the 3 CEO stages that a founder must transition through over the course of growth, with a lot of personal anecdotes about his own founder journey. Listen to this podcast

  • July, 2019 | Collision Conference

    The CEO leads a small devoted platoon in the woods, where everyone does battle, throws punches, digs ditches, gets dirty. It’s hand-to-hand combat.

  • May, 2019 | UCL Hatchery Incubator

    The CEO recruits and leads a band of Avenger superheroes (the executive team), each of whom has a special superpower that makes him/her stronger or better than the CEO in their own special way.

  • July, 2019 | Go-to-Launch Street

    Co-author Bob Tinker has appeared on numerous podcasts including Go-to-Launch Street (out in July), Founder to CEO (out in July) and From Scratch (out in June).

  • March 2019 | Finance Derivatives

    Co-author of Survival to Thrival, Tae Hea Nahm, spoke on a panel at the Collision Conference about what it takes to build enterprise startups.

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