Enterprise Entrepreneurs: This book is for you

What’s the missing link to unlock growth?

Are my problems normal or disastrous?

How do I anticipate what’s next?

“Survival to Thrival is suited for every B2B entrepreneur at varying stages of growth -- must read by all!”
Aaron Levie Founder & CEO of Box

Authors: 15-year Entrepreneur-Investor Combo

Bob Tinker

Robert Tinker

MobileIron Founder/CEO

Punchline Guy

Tae Hea Nahm

Tae Hea Nahm

Storm Ventures VC/Board Member

Model Guy

With Fernando Pizarro



  • Ray Carroll
  • Sameer Dholakia
  • Huan Ho
  • Aaron Levie
  • Jon Miller
  • Mark Templeton
  • Tien Tzuo

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