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What’s the missing link to unlock growth?

Are my problems normal or disastrous?

How do I anticipate what’s next?

“Survival to Thrival is suited for every B2B entrepreneur at varying stages of growth -- must read by all!”
Aaron Levie Founder & CEO of Box

The GTM Fit Summit

GO TO MARKET FIT delivers Predictable, Repeatable, Scalable Growth. GTM Fit has three elements:

GTM Fit has three elements:

Line up with an Urgent Wave

Align with an urgent pain. Does it answer the question why buy now and not 6 months later? Is this the leading edge of a mega wave?

Pick One GTM Model

Pick a GTM model. Does it match how the ideal customer decides to buy your product?

Execute GTM Playbook Repeatedly

Outline step by step on how the company finds, engages, wins, and ramps the same customers on a repeatable basis. Must find and leverage the Wow.

The GTM Fit Summit

The GTM Fit Summit allowed attendees to learn directly from entrepreneurs and to see the GTM Fit framework from our book come to life in real-world startup tests. The goal was simple: to evangelize what we believe is the missing link to unlock growth, Go-To-Market Fit, and bring together entrepreneurs who have successfully, or struggling to, unlock growth.

Learn about GTM Fit below!

What is Survival To Thrival?

Featured: Tae Hea Nahm, Co-author of Survival to Thrival

What is GTM Fit and how do you find it?

Featured: Bob Tinker, Co-author of Survival to Thrival

GTM Fit Journey - it can be a bumpy ride

Featured:Jon Lee - Founder, CEO of Prosperworks, Dominique Levin - Managing Partner of WinningByDesign, Mickey Alon -Founder, CEO of Aptrinsic

“Re-finding” GTM Fit in a later stage startup

Featured: Clara Shih, Founder and CEO of HearSay

Engagio’s GTM Fit Journey

Featured: Jon Miller, Founder and CEO of Engagio

Constructing Marketo’s successful GTM Playbook Live!

Featured: Jon Miller, Founder and CEO of Engagio, Former Founder and CMO of Marketo



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