Enterprise Entrepreneurs: This book is for you

What’s the missing link to unlock growth?

Are my problems normal or disastrous?

How do I anticipate what’s next?

“Survival to Thrival is suited for every B2B entrepreneur at varying stages of growth -- must read by all!”
Aaron Levie Founder & CEO of Box

The GTM Fit Summit

The GTM Fit Summit: May 3 2018 - SOLD OUT

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GTM Fit consists of

GTM Model

Decide how you will sell your product.

Repeatable GTM Playbook

Outline step by step on how the company finds, wins, engages, and ramps customers.

Urgent Wave

“Why buy now? Instead of 6 months from now?”

GTM Fit delivers Predictable, Repeatable, Scalable Growth


Through our hands on workshop, learn what is GTM Fit, how to find it, and how to use it.
Watch a live GTM Playbook breakdown with a founder who has utilized it to unlock enterprise growth for a $150+ business.
Hear from others who have been in your shoes and have applied the GTM Fit Playbook, it can be a bumpy ride for startups at all stages.



  • Ray Carroll
  • Sameer Dholakia
  • Huan Ho
  • Aaron Levie
  • Jon Miller
  • Mark Templeton
  • Tien Tzuo

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