The Company Journey

Book 1
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What’s the missing link to unlock growth?

Are my problems normal or disastrous?

How do I anticipate what’s next?

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Change or Be Changed

Book 2
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Change or be Changed tackles the silent struggle for entrepreneurs and leaders. Why is growing a business so hard on the people?

Company change drives role changes, which means everyone must change from the founder to the board. Unlearning is key.

Change or Be Changed answers the question on every entrepreneur's mind: How do I not get fired?

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What readers are saying

Survival to Thrival is suited for every B2B entrepreneur at varying stages of growth -- must read by all!
- Aaron Levie Founder & CEO of Box
What drives success at one stage often drives failure at the next. Change or be Changed is a must-read for startups and boards everywhere who want to learn - and unlearn.
- Martin Giles, San Francisco Bureau Chief, MIT Technology Review

Authors: 15-year Entrepreneur-Investor Combo

Bob Tinker

MobileIron Founder/CEO
Punchline Guy


Tae Hea Nahm

Storm Ventures VC/Board Member
Model Guy



  • Aaron Levie - CEO & Co-Founder – Box
  • Ben Horowitz - Founding Partner – Andressen-Horowitz
  • Frank Marshall - Former VP Engineering – Cisco, Convex
  • Fred Ball - Former CFO – Marketo, Webroot, Borland
  • Huan Ho -  CTO & Co-Founder – Rallyteam/Workday

  • Jason Martin - SVP Engineering – FireEye, CEO – Secure DNA

  • Jim Tolonen - Former CFO – Business Objects, Novell

  • Jon Miller - Co-Founder; CEO – Engagio, Co-Founder – Marketo

  • Mark Leslie - Lecturer – Stanford GSB, Founder & CEO – Veritas

  • Mark McLaughlin - Former CEO – Palo Alto Networks, Verisign

  • Mark Smith - Former SVP Sales – Rubrick, Arista Networks, InfoBlox, NetScreen

  • Mark Templeton - CEO – Digital Ocean, Former CEO – Citrix

  • Matt Howard - Managing Partner – Norwest Venture Partners

  • Phil Fernandez - Founder former CEO – Marketo. Boards – Collibra, PTC, Yext

  • Ray Carroll -VP Sales – Engagio, AVP Sales – Marketo

  • Sameer Dholakia - CEO – SendGrid

  • Tien Tzuo - CEO & Co-Founder – Zuora

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