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If you are an entrepreneur anywhere on the enterprise startup journey, Survival to Thrival is for you. In the beginning, it is simply about Survival— how not to die? With luck and hard work, it becomes about Thrival— how do we win?

S2T is a mind-meld of a three-time entrepreneur, a longtime venture capitalist, and an entrepreneur community that demystifies building enterprise startups. Our mission is to help you succeed, to anticipate what is next, and most importantly, to know that you are not alone.

Our first book is about the company journey. Building enterprise startups is different. Products take longer. Go-To-Market strategies are more complex. Common wisdom on product-market-fit is not enough to unlock growth. There is a missing link that we call Go-To-Market Fit. Then, growth happens, and everything changes.

Our second book is about that change and how to survive it. The startup suddenly shifts from Survival mode to Thrival mode. Maddeningly, what used to work no longer works for the company and for the people. Becoming a market leader depends on everyone, including the CEO, unlearning the very things that made them successful.

Our latest projects build on the foundations of the book series with new insights from our contributors. In each episode of the S2T podcast, we discuss the key concepts underpinning the book series. Our latest product, UNLOCK, is a GTM Fit Guide that breaks down the 4-step path to finding GTM Fit and unlocking growth.


Bob Tinker

Bob Tinker is the former CEO of MobileIron from initial founding to over $150M in revenue, including being named the #1 fastest growing tech company from 2010-2014 by Deloitte’s Fast 500 Index. Like most startup CEOs, Bob doesn’t really care all that much about general theories. He wants to charge up the hill, knock down problems, bring the team together, and build a great business. He wants to know how to make good decisions, deal with tough issues, and stay one step ahead. In that sense, he is representative of founder-CEOs, who, unlike investors, are fully committed to a single mission and don’t have a portfolio to fall back on. Bob likes to cut to the takeaway for the entrepreneur. He is a punchline guy.

Tae Hea Nahm

Tae Hea Nahm is Managing Director of enterprise-focused Storm Ventures and original investor in MobileIron, Marketo and other successful early stage enterprise startups. Like many Silicon Valley investors, Tae Hea tends to pattern-match for success and failure across his portfolio of investments. He compares a company situation to his prior experience to understand the drivers that predict future outcomes and help the entrepreneur. As an applied-math major, he deliberately (sometimes overly) analyzes the startup journey to create and fit a model. He is a model guy.


"Survival to Thrival is suited for every B2B entrepreneur at varying stages of growth — must read by all!"
Founder & CEO Of Box
"What drives success at one stage often drives failure at the next. Change or be Changed is a must-read for startups and boards everywhere who want to learn - and unlearn."
Martin Giles
San Francisco Bureau Chief
MIT Technology Review
"Survival to Thrival is an analytical yet practical guide to build enterprise startups. I wish I had access to this knowledge when I was a founder."
Young Sohn
President & CSO of Samsung Electronics
Chairman Of The Board OF HarmaN
"Tinker and Nahm substantively explain B2B entrepreneurship: unlocking growth with Go-To-Market Fit, navigating the change from startup to growing company, and dealing with the inevitable setbacks. Survival to Thrival is practical advice and real-world challenges for anyone starting, scaling, and winning in a B2B technology startup."
Rob Siegel
"Survival to Thrival is the real world of B2B entrepreneurship. Every entrepreneur should read it."
Founder & CEO Of Box
"There’s no better ‘how-to’ manual for creating your own enterprise startup. Bob and Tae Hea share practical insights and examples that de-mystify what it takes to succeed, covering everything from culture to equity splits to early sales."
Aaref Hilaly
Partner OF Sequoia Capital
"Everyone talks about product-market fit, but just as important for any enterprise startup is Go-To-Market Fit. In defining this construct and outlining a clear playbook, the book does a great service to B2B entrepreneurs and B2B leadership teams everywhere."
Clara Shih
CEO & Founder of Hearsay
Board Director OF Starbucks